Frequently Asked Questions

Until when can I cancel the move ?

You can cancel until the day before. If you wish to cancel, please inform us by email as soon as possible.

How do I pay ?

We only accept cash. The payment must be done on the day you move, before you start loading the car.

Will the mover speak English ?

Yes, all our movers are fluent in English.

What happens if we are not done moving at 5pm ?

If you are not done but close to it, the mover will help unload everything quickly and drop it in front of your house / the lift of your building.

If it seems like it is going to take much more time, you can whether ask for a time extension (2000¥ per hour) or book a second day at a reduced price.

Can I smoke in the car ?

No. However, you can request a short break to smoke.

How will the mover help me ?

The mover will help you carry your suitcases, cartons and furniture from your apartment to the vehicle.
Please note that the mover will not :

  • Pack your stuff for you.
  • Transport your pieces of furniture (sofa, table, etc) alone.
  • Take apart your pieces of furniture such as bookshelves.

I submitted the contact form a few days ago but haven’t got any reply.

If you haven’t received a reply within 3 working days, we may not have received your form due to technical problems. In this case, please send us an email at :